Fall Hike: The Walpack Bend – Sunday Nov. 5th

Fall Hike: The Walpack Bend - Sunday Nov. 5th

Join the Walpack Historical Society on Sunday November 5th as we explore the area around the Walpack Bend. The hike will be an easy 2 mile round trip. Meet at the Rosenkrans Museum in Walpack at 11:00 a.m. We will car pool to the Old Mine Road and start on the driveway leading to the Decker Ferry House.

After visiting the Decker Ferry House, we’ll continue down the trail to our destination, a granite monument inscribed “Walpack Fort 1755”. This was one of 9 monuments donated by John J. Van Sickle in 1913.

There is a foundation hole near the marker. The location of this marker is curious, since it is generally believed that the Walpack Fort was on the Old Mine Road at the site of the Dutch Reformed Church, near the Lower Walpack Cemetery. Some believe it was moved from it’s original location.